Gen-X Raves

Our students get a chance to let us know what they think of their Gen-X experience. We now have seven years of Gender Excellene students who have completed the program and gone on to become student leaders, community activists, academic stars and professional success stories. Previous Gen-X members have made contacts through their work in the program and now have careers with Avon Foundation, Feminist Majority Foundation, Democratic National Comittee, and Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. Others have gone on to become WGST professors, business executives and graduate students. Below are a few comments from Gen-X participants from previous years:

“Being in Gen-X and involved in the workshop made me feel like I was really helping and doing something good for girls in the world.”

“This class was fun, inventive and educational.”

“I expected to learn a great deal about activism and leadership…and I absolutely did 
and lived them!” 

“I learned a lot about myself and got to know an amazing group of women and men.”

“I knew one person at first. Now I’m close with a lot of girls …this greatly help my college experience by meeting so many people.”

“I learned that even the smallest thing can make a difference. I wish I could’ve participated 
in Dove when I was younger…it’s a great program.”

“I learned that activism is much more than just getting involved. It made me feel good to know that I maybe changed those girls!”

“I enjoyed the events, the books and the laughs.”