What is Gen-X?

The Gender Excellence Learning Community is designed to enhance your knowledge of social justice issues that relate to women and gender, and to help you make early connections with a variety of women and gender-related campus, cultural and community programs. Participating in Gen-X provides you the opportunity of getting better acquainted with classmates, professors, and the UNC Charlotte environment.

As a member of Gen-X, you will participate in a variety of classroom and community experiences that focus on women and gender. These experiences draw on the ideals of service learning, which combine volunteer efforts with academic study. You will also make progress towards your General Education requirements and have individualized advising during the program. Finally, in your classes with other Gen-X participants, you will work in groups on a number of course-related projects, form common study groups, and develop core friendships and associations with other students who share your interests.

What is a Learning Community?

Learning Communities are small groups of students and faculty who work closely together creating a "community of learners." Many of the programs are residential while other communities are geared toward commuter students. In either situation, Learning Community students have the opportunity to quickly make friends and develop a close relationship with UNC Charlotte faculty and staff.

The supportive environment created in the Learning Communities brings students, faculty, staff, and peer mentors together with the common goal of promoting academic and social success. Communities are offered in various academic areas giving participants the opportunity to explore their interests while working in small, comfortable groups on course-related projects.

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